Special Cats for Special People

Welcome to our "Special Cats for Special People" page.

Here you will find information on our cats, that for one reason or another, are looking for someone who can offer them a very specific type of home. They may be older cats or have a disability or just need that extra love and attention in a quiet home because of circumstances we have rescued them from.

Whatever it might be, if you are looking at this page, then we think you may well be halfway there to becoming a special adopter. 

Below are our current special cats who want to find their forever homes.  Please take a look at their profiles and see if they would be the perfect addition to your family.

 Daisy Boy

When you have been the centre of someone's world all your life, to suddenly find yourself left alone is devastating.  This is what happened to Daisy Boy, his owner unexpectedly passed away and now he finds himself looking for a new home.

Daisy Boy is in good health, apart from a touch of arthritis.  He is a bit too fond of his cat treats and, as a result, could do with losing a bit of weight.  He is a loyal and loving cat.

We are looking for that special someone who can open their heart and offer this delightful mature gentleman a calm, quiet home for his retirement.  Could that someone be you?

For more information about Daisy Boy please visit our Adoopt a Cat page.


If you are looking on this page then you must be special - we look forward to hearing from you!