Special Cats for Special People

Welcome to our "Special Cats for Special People" page.

Here you will find information on our cats, that for one reason or another, are looking for someone who can offer them a very specific type of home. They may be older cats or have a disability or just need that extra love and attention in a quiet home because of circumstances we have rescued them from.

Whatever it might be, if you are looking at this page, then we think you may well be halfway there to becoming a special adopter. 

Below are our current special cats who want to find their forever homes.  Please take a look at their profiles and see if they would be the perfect addition to your family.


When we responded to a report of a stray cat with a litter of kittens we expected to find a young Mum, as is usually the case, and were very surprised to find a mature cat.  Mabel is about 10 years old and we have no idea how long she had been wandering the streets trying to fend for herself and her kittens. She has obviously had a home at some stage as she is a confident, friendly cat, who loves attention.  After a life on the streets, we think she deserves a special home where she can have the attention she craves.


Not every cat we take in can be given a clean bill of health by our vet, and Cleveland is one such cat.  At his initial health check, he was found to have a heart murmur, and a specialist has confirmed that he does have heart disease.  Cleveland will therefore need to be on medication for the rest of his life and Cats Protection is prepared to assist with these costs.  He is a happy, friendly cat, loves his cuddles and being groomed so he always looks his best.  He deserves a kind, quiet home where he can be loved.

Both Mabel and Cleveland are looking for that extra special home where they can spend the rest of their lives as happy, well loved cats.  In return, they will reward you with loyalty and love.

For more information about Mabel and Cleveland please visit our Adopt a Cat page.


If you are looking on this page then you must be special - we look forward to hearing from you!